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01 ott 2013

Neon Bone - 2013 - Throw It All Away

I'm always a fan of taking a day to just run through all my 7"s and enjoy the variety. It's like listening to a digital comp, only 500 times better sound, and only bands you want to hear! Precisely my kind of fun. This reminded me of a 7" I wanted to write about but kept getting sidetracked from for one reason or another. With a four month delay (shame on me!) I am taking some time today to talk about the latest release called Throw It All Away from my favorite one man project from Germany who is none other than Neon Bone.
This 7" was recorded during late 2012 once again at the Unterschichten-Records Studios in Münster in the talented hands of Sascha Wiesbrock. Credits for sound engineer, mixing, and mastering go to him! Producing was self handled by Lars. Cover and artwork were also done by Neon Bone. Never wasting much time with the recording process, everything was wrapped up and pressed to vinyl with a release date of March 6th,2013. There is also a download code with each 7".
The songs this time around are great once again with that minimalistic/Ramones formula approach that made me a fan of Neon Bone instantly. Pairing that with a beautiful 90s sound and the highly melodic and slightly gritty, yet melodic vocal tone Lars possesses give them a very quick way of staying in memory. Side A opens with my favorite of the four and title track, Throw It All Away. A mixture of hopeless romance a heartache always make for a good pop punk song but it is the emotional openness projected that makes it perfect. Who's That Guy Kissing My Girl is also just as catchy with a situation many can relate to in lost love. Side B has a just as strong feel with the lovely melody in Make It Up To You and then the more aggressive Get Back which I think was a good choice to add variety and complete this 7" as one I really enjoy having in my collection. There is always a constant progression in sound with Lars which keeps him interesting. So do you need it? Of course YES is my answer. You can order it as well as all previous releases from his website and stay tuned to the Neon Bone Facebook page because something great is on it's way.  For the first time, there is an entire full length record in progress which I will be very excited to hear .

Track List:
Side A
Throw It All Away
Who's That Guy Kissing My Girl
Side B
Make It Up To You
Get Back
Neon Bone is Lars
All songs by Neon Bone