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29 dic 2013



Coming from two separate continents, and being told in two different languages, somehow we have made it through a complete year of great times together and with you all at I Buy Records
At well over 25,000 hits in this first year, we are beyond flattered to have gotten the support all of you have been cool enough to give!! In being truly grateful for this and to mark the occasion, we've decided to release a free digital download comp, featuring a song we chose from each of the 2013 releases we covered, with the tracklist running in order of them being reviewed as a special thank you to everyone (Shit Out Of Luck was a reissue but it counts cause we say so!). Plain and simple, these are the bands we collectively and individually believed in most. A BIG thank you to the amazing Riccardo Bucchioni for lending his talents in designing the art and then an even BIGGER thank you to each of the wonderful bands who agreed to be a part of this. 
Quite simply, we have nothing to write about if you are not there!! Not much more to say here. We already have written reviews so the only thing left to do is turn up that dial, listen, and stay tuned for more rock n' roll in 2014!!